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come up and looking at them on paper can help you get clear of what may be holding you back unconsciously. 3. Make your list of pros and cons about incorporating those great new habits you want into your life. Okay, this is the fun part. Write down all the reasons you want to change an old, bad habit and what will happen if you do. Then go back and write down what will happen if you don Usually if our is big enough, we find the time and energy to invest in ourselves in a positive way. Whether that be incorporating a new exercise program, taking time to journal or meditate, or just eating better, when we really remember and focus our attention on how great we feel when we do the things to take care of ourselves, it easier to start following through. Overcoming self sabotage can be challenging if we let our unresolved stuff from the past keep us stuck. But once you discover what was holding you back, you can move on to creating new and wonderful habits for yourself that will support you in

croutons. The chicken, eggs and two types of cheese add up to a lot of saturated fat, even more so if you choose fried chicken rather than grilled. The country chef salad
Wholesale jerseys is no better in the saturated fat category, as it contains turkey, ham, bacon, eggs and cheese. Lighter choices include the oven roasted turkey breast or the homemade chicken salad. Avoid adding extra calories with
Cheap jerseys from China cheese and condiments. Each slice of American cheese adds about 100 calories, and a tablespoon of mayonnaise adds 60 calories, almost all from fat. It’s a good idea to order the unsweetened tea and add sugar yourself, to be able to control the amount used. One teaspoon of sugar contains about 30 calories. Old fashioned lemonade, raspberry lemonade and raspberry iced tea are all pre sweetened. No sugar added apple pie and no sugar added vanilla ice cream have been added to the dessert menu, but a cup of fresh fruit from the breakfast menu would be a better option. Remember that "no sugar added" doesn’t

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